1. Feedback Revival, “Feedback Revival”

    Feedback Revival released their newest self-titled album on January 30th, taking over the High Watt with a cast of friends to rattle some jaws in celebration. The album is 12 tracks thick with the guitar fuzz and heavy bass that the band has become known for. Some of the same faces from the stage lend their talent to the album: Matthew Page of Blackfoot Gypsies and Brian Bandas of The Low Down to name a few. Dan Fenton’s vocals lend satisfactory levels of badassery, and liberties with the English language such as “-she done walk with swagger-“ drive home the fact that things are more interesting a little raw (save for poultry). The same goes for the recording quality, where some tracks max out and sound better and more authentic for it. The band’s sound is just to rough and tumble to be contained by conventional means.

    Rock as it may, it is not an uplifting album. It is run through with themes of bad women, alcohol, misbehavior, suicide, and backlash against one’s origins. It is a canon of growing up angry and poor in the new South. Rebellion and dissatisfaction run rampant. There are myriad combinations of the words “gypsy,” “woman,” “voodoo,” and “dead man.” Even in the most upbeat track, “At Last” about a young woman leaving Tennessee only to discover that it was her one true home, I was quite sure the heroine was going to meet her untimely death somewhere in Los Angeles with a needle in her arm.

    But who said music is supposed to make you feel good, Princess? Why not angry, wronged, or frustrated, like the folks in these songs, and just about everybody else most of the time? ”Ballad of Loretta” opens with the best line in the album, “I’ve got tannins in my blood-“ stews in the anticipation of a man finally setting things right via shotgun and shovel. The third track, “Jesse James” revels in the macabre glee of being an outlaw. “Beautiful Life” is a biopic of some of the sad stories that can be found any Small Town USA.

    The piano piece at the very end of the last track “Home” sums up the feel of the whole album. It’s a haunted 2 minutes with a building sense of panic as the keys start fluttering higher and higher. It sounds trapped, just like most of the characters in the album; fettered by bad relationships, choices, or an upbringing that offered no alternative to the status quo and clawing for some way out. The final chord struck ties the detour back to the track and essentially sighs “Aw hell,” in surrender.

    This album retains Feedback Revival’s reputation for hard, mean rock perfect for Saturday nights or robbing trains. But it also lays bare a lot of ugly truths about the human condition. If you’re a person that likes women, drinking, fighting, and pausing briefly to reflect upon past mistakes and the futility of the present, then soldiering on because, shit, what else can you do, then pick up this record. These guys get you.

    - by Terra James-Jura, Deli Magazine

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  3. Album Review by Pop Heart Etc.

    Feedback Revival 

    You may or may not be aware of this, but there is a certain anthology series in pop music that is about to turn 50. Yes, NOW That’s What I Call Music Vol. 49 was just released. Alas, it’s a Kei$ha, Pitbull and Miley world out there and has been for some time. Someday, I’ll be sitting my grandkids down by the fire and telling them about how music used to be played on real instruments by real people, before the drones took over.

    Throughout 12 tracks of classic rock fury on Feedback Revival’s debut full length, the band pay tribute to Delta Blues, 70′s-album rock, and Southern-Core emotional values. Dan Fenton may posses an old soul, but his throwback tenor is a rebellious instrument of unrestrained vitriol. Even when he sings “It’s a beautiful life/I ain’t never been perfect/Sometimes I wanna die,” you get the feeling that hearing Black Eyed Peas on the radio instead of Black Crowes has only made the dudes in Feedback Revival wannalive to see the day that One Direction has to take over for Celine Dion in Vegas.

    As I alluded to in the first paragraph, if the robots win someday, it won’t be for lack of artists like Fenton swinging for the fences. More than the sum of familiar influences, a fierce independent ethos gives Feedback Revival plenty of fire and grit. Feedback Revival the album is not a perfect record by any means, it would benefit from a slightly shorter run-time and a few less retread chord progressions. But what is clear here is that Nashville’s Feedback Revival are that rare band with a bright future in a time increasingly less friendly to the species.

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  4. Feedback Revival Well Worth Your Time

    These guys were brought to my attention by an alert reader a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve been running non-stop ever since. Feedback Revival comes out of Nashville, but their sound is equal parts southern rock and Iggy Pop.

    You don’t want to be late to the party on this one. Get on it!

    -James Stafford

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  7. Feedback Revival’s New Video, “Carry On” and Album Release Show 1.30  Feedback Revival just released this video for “Carry On,” which should touch those certain our downfall is in our tethers to technology and fans of neck tattoos alike. It’s a heavy-hearted love song with as much grit and emotion in the guitars as Dan Fenton’s vocals. He could probably sing the phone book and have me convinced it was my fault he’s broken. The band is preparing to bring their onslaught of Southern rock to the High Watt this Thursday, 1/30 for their album release show. El El, Queens Boulevard, Bones Owens, and Kim Logan join in on the brawl. The show starts at 7 and will be very well worth the $5 cover, especially for anyone who’s ever wanted to smash a laptop. –Terra James-Jura

  8. Here’s our NEW MUSIC VIDEO “Carry On” from our new Self- titled album. Thanks to everyone who is watching and sharing. 

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